aycan NDT archive

On-premise archive; ideal for high security environments

The aycan NDT archive is a complete Digital Film Vault, flexible enough for organizations just starting with Digitization of film and scalable enough for organizations operating with full Digital Radiography.

aycan's on-premise NDT archive provides an Indexed DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Non-Destructive Evaluation) E07.11 compliant storage system that ensures the security and integrity of critical radiographic data. Search criteria by:

  • Component Name
  • Component ID
  • Component Owner
  • Manufacture Date
  • Image Date
  • Type of Image
  • And more...


Indexing of DICONDE files

Query and retrieve files

File access control

No more film costs

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aycan NDT Archive Features

Audit logging

DICONDE Compliant


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More about aycan web

View and edit DICONDE images using a HTML5 compatible web browser

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